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What to Expect at Lake Wilson Preserve (LWP)...


What does LWP expect of you, the home owner?

- LWP expects that you will pay your HOA Assessments/Fees ontime, everytime!

- LWP expects that you become familiar with the Rules and Regulations as well as the Restrictive Covenants!

- LWP expects that you will abide by all Rules and Regulations and Restrictive Covenants!

- LWP expects that your guests, tenants, contractors, managers, etc. will abide by all Rules and Regulations and Restrictive Covenants at all times!

- LWP expects that you will look for and report all violations as to protect the safety and security of our community!

- LWP expects you to particpate not just complain!

This is your community, please be resonsible for your actions!


What do you, the homeowner, expect of LWP?

HOA Board of Directors

- You expect the Board of Directors, ARB and Committees to manage the daily affairs of the HOA.

- You expect the Board of Directors, ARB and Committees to uphold their fiduciary duty and legal responsibilities.

- You expect the Board of Directors, ARB and Committees to be responsible for ensuring the community is kept to a certain standard, to ensure that home owners follow the Rules and Regulations and Restrictive Covenants, to ensure that home owners pay their Assessments/Fees on time and to ensure the bills of the HOA are paid in a timely fashion.

- You expect the Board of Directors, ARB and Committee members to be volunteers.

- You expect that the Board of Directors, ARB and Committee members are not paid for the time they committ to the HOA.

- You expect the Board of Directors, ARB and Committees to not get involved in or try to resolve disputes between neighours.

- You expect that the Board of Directors, ARB and Committee members do not necessarily reside full time at LWP.

- You expect that the Board of Directors is elected by the membership (home owners) on a periodic basis during the Annual General Meeting (AGM).


Did you know? and Myths...

HOA Assessments/Fees and Collections


Board of Directors

Landscaping Service

Pool Service

Cable TV Service


Your Property


HOA Assessments/Fees and Collections

HOA Assessments for 2019 are to be $700.20 per quarter = $2,800.80 per year- for owners with HOA pool service

HOA Assessments for 2019 are to be $505.20 per quarter = $2,020.80 per year- for owners without HOA pool service


HOA Assessments are due on,

January 1st

April 1st

July 1st

October 1st


Did you know?

- The US does not recognize post-dated cheques/checks. All payments are processed when received. If you send post-dated cheques/checks they will be cashed all at the same time so please do not send post-dated cheques/checks.


Did you know?

- A maximum $25 late fee is applied to your account on the 11th day after the 1st of the month the Assessment was due.

- Interest at 18% is levied on the 2nd day of the month the Assessment was due.

- Outstanding HOA Assessment/Fees as of 30 days are automatically sent to the HOA lawyer for collection action.

- Once you are 30 days in arrears you could automatically lose all services provided within your HOA Assessment/Fees (landscaping, pool, cable TV, internet).

- All interest, collection fees, account transfer fees, lien fees, legal fees, etc. that are applied to the account by the lawyer are the responsibility of the homeowner, as per Florida Statutes.

- Once your file is sent to Collections, the HOA and Accounting Dept cannot and will not discuss your outstanding account with you. You MUST speak and settle your account with Collections.


We appreciate your prompt attention to paying your fees on time.


Did you know?

The HOA Board of Directors does not reverse late payment or interest fees. Please ensure you pay your fees on time, every time!


Did you know?

There is a one time HOA Assessement/Fee of $750. This is due and payable upon the transfer of the property to you. If this one time payment is not paid by the title company/your lawyer it is your responsibility to pay it on your HOA account. It is non-refundable and is not part of your normal yearly HOA Assessment/Fee.


Did you know?

  • Failure to pay your Assessments/Fees on time puts you at risk of losing the services provided to you by the HOA such as cable TV, internet, landscaping and pool service.
  • In addition, the Restrictive Covenants allow the HOA to charge late fees and interest and, if necessary, proceed with legal action for nonpayment of Assessments/Fees (a lien against your property).
  • The HOA can demand that you pay HOA Assessments/Fees up front for an entire year if you fall behind on your payments.
  • If payment is not received a lien can be placed on your property.
  • You will also be charged for any legal fees associated with collection of HOA Assessments/Fees.
  • The Restrictive Covenants go so far as to allow the Home Owners Association to foreclose on your home.


Did you know?

  • The HOA is obligated to send Restrictive Covenant violation notices, overdue HOA Assessments/Fees, ARB violation notices, fine notices and any other information to the Homeowner only, not the property management company or any other individual.
  • The HOA may not email, mail or otherwise communicate with agents of the homeowner such as management companies, long term tenants, real estate agents, short-term guests, etc. about HOA or your property issues.
  • The HOA is required by Florida law to communicate directly with homeowners, not their agents.
  • If you consent to the HOA to contact your agent, such as your management company, about issues or violations, please inform the HOA via email.
  • Your property can be inspected at any time by any community volunteer or paid contractor that represents the HOA.
  • Property inspections take place all the time on random days at random times.
  • Community inspections take place at least once per week, sometimes once per day, depending on what volunteers are in the community at the time.
  • Volunteers have right of passage, right of inspection, etc.
  • The HOA has the right to pass, inspect, easement rights, utility rights, maintenance rights, etc.
  • This is common in an HOA community. We are a deed restricted community, which means we have rules, restrictions, by laws, and covenants that must be adhered to by all owners in the community.
  • The volunteers are put in place by Florida Statutes to ensure the rules, regulations and covenants are adhered to by all owners.


The Accounting Dept manages the day to day collection of HOA Assessments and paying of bills. They are contracted by the Board of Directors. They can be reached for the following information:

  • payment of Assessments/Fees
  • payment of vendor invoices

You can contact the LWP representative by calling Karen Lean at 863 688 8841.

To pay your fees online, please read the attached instruction manual.


Board of Directors

Your Board of Directors is currently made up of three members. See the HOME page for more information.


Did you know?

  • All Board, ARB and Committee positions are volunteer positions.
  • The HOA Annual General Meeting (AGM) is usually (but not always) held in October.
  • The HOA Board of Directors are voted in by the HOA members, you, the home owners.
  • The members of the HOA, ARB and Committees are the home owners of the community.
  • Board meetings may be held throughout the year.
  • Notice of Board meetings are posted as per Florida Statutes.
  • All members are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings.
  • Members have limited rights to speak at meetings and record meetings, as per the Florida Statutes and board resolutions.
  • The Community is always looking for volunteers!


Landscaping Service

Your HOA Assessement/Fees include,

- landscaping services, performed only as per the landscaping contract and as per any and all Florida State and Polk County laws and regulations

- all services are subject to weather conditions

What services does the landscaper perform?

  • lawn mowing/edging
  • shrub/bush trimming of standard bushes (specialty plants, trees, palms, flowers and bushes are the owner's responsibility to take care of)
  • trimming of trees (only trees under 14 feet tall and no speciality bushes/trees/plants or trees/bushes/plants in the water management zones)
  • removal of weeds in the interlock pavers
  • spraying for weeds in the lawns (as per Florida regulations)
  • fertilizing the lawns (as per Florida regulations)
  • removal of debris from shrub/tree trimming
  • checking irrigation systems periodically (only 1-2 times per year)


The irrigation timer is set/programmed by the landscaping company on a monthly basis. This is not the case. The irrigation timer and underground piping is ultimately the property of the home owner. As the home owner you are responsible for ensuring that your irrigation timer is set in accordance with Polk County Ordinances, has the correct time of day, has the correct minutes to be run each cycle, has the correct cycle information, the correct seasonal adjustment, that the battery is in working condition, that the irrigation timer box is in working condition, that your irrigation heads are pointed in the correct direction and are functioning properly, etc. The HOA recommends you set the timer to water for 10-25 minutes (depending on the type of irrigation heads you have installed), on the days and times prescribed by Polk County. The HOA also recommends that you inform your management company and/or long term tenants that maintenance and testing of the irrigation timer and system is not a landscaper responsibility.


The lawns are mowed on a weekly basis. This is not the case. The lawns are mowed most weeks. Some weeks they are not mowed due to the ground being too wet due to a lot of rain, or in the winter months when the grass is dormant. The lawns are mowed on an as needed basis only.


The landscaping service will get rid of my insect/mole/pocket gopher/armadillo/racoon/ant/flee issues. This is not the case. The landscaper is not paid for, and your HOA Assessment/Fees do not cover, the removal or "dealing with" moles, pocket gophers, wild boars, rabbits, armadillos, ants, cinch bugs, grubs, dear, alligators, or any other pests/nature. The responsibility and expense is the home owner's. The LWP community is surrounded by wilderness. There are natural species that feel we have invaded their space. They will on occasion invade yours. This is not an HOA or landscaping service issue. You, the home owner, are responsible for ensuring that you have pest control done around the exterior and interior of your home on a regular and continuous basis. Moles/pocket gophers, rabbits, armadillos, etc. do not like the smell of moth balls or "Critter Ridder." These are commonly used to discourage the varmits from continuing to dig up the lawns. Please feel free to use them.


Broken irrigation heads and underground pipes will be fixed by the landscaping service. This is not the case. If you have a broken irrigation head that is along the edge of your driveway or your front walkway, it WILL NOT be replaced or repaired by the landscaper. This is an  home owner responsibility. If the irrigation head was kicked off, driven over, parked on, etc. or there is a broken irrigation pipe under the ground or the irrigation backwater valve malfunctions or breaks, then the repair is not paid for or necessarily taken care of by the landscaping service and is not covered as part of your HOA Assessment/Fees. The responsibility and expense is the home owner's. You can contact and hire any landscaping service to perform the necessary repair.


The HOA will pay to replace my dead grass. This is not the case. The HOA does not replace dead grass! As the owner of the property, you are responsible for ensuring your grass is watered in accordance with the Polk County guidelines and the Rules and Regulations, as set forth by the HOA. If you fail to water your lawn efficiently then you will be responsible for replacing the grass.


The pond/lakes should have water in them all the time. This is not the case. They are not ponds/lakes, they are water management areas. When there is heavy rain the rain runs down the street into the catch basin and into the pond/lake. During the dry season there may be less or no water in a pond/lake.


Pool Service

Your HOA Assessment/Fees may include,

  • If you are a current owner with pool service and you sell your home, then the pool service will continue to the new owner, unless the new owner opts out of the pool serivce. This will be indicated on the Estoppel request.
  • If you are a current owner without pool service and you sell your home, then the new owner will not have pool service included. This will be indicated on the Estoppel request
  • You can opt out of pool service at the end of a quarter only.
  • The HOA can immediately opt you out of pool service at any time if you are found to be impeding the pool technician from being able to perform his/her service. Impeding the pool technician could be defined as not servicing your equipment when recommended, not changing your filter when recommended, turning off the water or electricity, allowing your dog to poop on the pool deck, having a pool leak that is not fixed, etc.
  • The pool service company can refuse to service your pool if they feel their service is being impeded in any way.


Did you know?

  • The pool is to be cleaned once per week, between Monday and Friday, from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.
  • The pool deck is to be hosed off once per two/three week period, as required, if the pool deck is visibly dirty.
  • The pool lanai is not to be hosed off.
  • The pool service technician will not clean the pool deck or perform the pool service if you, your tenants or your guests are in the pool or the pool deck is littered with pool toys, towels, clothing, dog poop, etc.
  • The pool service is not performed in if weather conditions are poor (hard rain, thunder storms, etc).
  • If the electrical breaker is off, the pool technician will not turn it back on.
  • The pool technician does not turn the pool heater on or off for owners, tenants or guests.
  • Vacuuming of the pool is done on an as needed basis.
  • If the pool cover is on when the technician arrives, he will reinstall it on the pool when he leaves.
  • If the pool cover is off when the technician arrives, he will leave it off the pool when he leaves.
  • The HOA and pool company are not responsible if your pool cover gets ripped, torn or damaged due to old age or deterioration.


The pool service technician is to do the following weekly or every second week,

  • Set the pool pump timer to run for 6 hours between 9 am and 3 pm each day (depending on daylight savings time)
  • Clean and chemically maintain all pools/spas
  • Test and chemically adjust the pool/spa water to maintain clean and safe swimming conditions
  • Clean the filter cartridge and/or backwash to maintain filter efficiency (usually done every second week, not weekly)
  • Remove dirt, grime and debris from the pool/spa using a brush, vacuum or skimmer net as appropriate
  • Remove, clean and inspect skimmer basket
  • Remove, clean and inspect pump strainer as required
  • Clean and degrease the tiles edges at the waterline
  • Top up the water level in pool as required
  • Visually check all equipment for faults and report fault or necessary repairs and replacements required
  • Maintain a written record of each visit

 All owners with HOA pool service must have a 100 foot hose and a hose reel attached to the side of the home for the pool technician to use to fill the pool and service the equipment.



The pool timer is checked by the pool service company. This is not the case. The pool filter timer and pool heater run time is the responsibility of the homeowner. Please ensure you check your timer on a regular basis to ensure it is running for a minimum of 6 hours between 9 am and 9 pm daily. The pool technician will set the pool timer to run between 9 am and 3 pm (depending on daylight savings time). If the owner, house manager, tenant, guest sets the timer to a longer time, the pool technician will not reset the timer back to 6 hours. If someone sets the timer to run less than the required 6 hours, the pool technician will reset the timer to run 6 hours each day and will report the incident to the HOA for follow up with the owner.


If the pool timer is off when regular service is performed, the pool technician will attempt to turn it back on. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure it remains on. The pool technician will not check the electrical breaker if the system is off when he arrives.


If I turn off my pool timer, or set it to less than 6 hours a day, and the pool goes green, the pool company will bring the pool back to life. This is not the case. If you, your house manager, your tenant or your guest allows the pool to go green, the pump to run dry, etc., you, the owner, are responsible for any and all repairs and maintenance to your pool and/or equipment. The HOA and the pool company are not responsible for damages or HOA violations caused by neglect of equipment maintenance by the owner, reducing the amount of time the pump runs in a day, turning off of electricity, turning off the pump, turning off the water source or failure to allow the pool technician to perform his/her job by an owner, tenant or guest.


You understand that you can be immediately removed from the HOA pool service program if it is found that you as an owner, your house manager, your tenant or your guests are making it difficult for the pool technician to perform his/her job or if you neglect to properly maintain your pool equipment (this includes changing the filter).


If the pool technician is not able to perform his service one day, he will come back another day that week. This is not the case. If you, your tenant or your guest disrupt the pool service on your regular scheduled day, the pool technician will not come back to perform the pool service another day that week. The pool technician will try again the next regular scheduled day, the following week.


Things that can disrupt the service include, people in the pool who refuse to get out of the pool so the pool service can be performed, dog poop on the pool deck, lack of available water, lack of electricity, a pool deck filled with debris or items, screen doors being locked or not functioning, to name a few.




Cable TV Service

Your HOA Assessment/Fees include,

  • the owner must call Spectrum directly to receive the services listed, tell them that our community has a bulk service contract
  • our community changed to full digital services in late 2017
  • at that time it became necessary for each homeowner to rent digital adaptors (DTA's) in order to receive DIGITAL cable TV services
  • Bulk TV Select Cable Service – This is HD quality service (as compared to the current analog service). The service includes approximately 125 channels.
  • Set-Top/Converter Boxes - The provision of two (2) set-top/converter boxes per property, being two of the following; a Digital Set-Top Box, a Digital DVR Set-Top Box, an HD Set-Top Box or a HD DVR Set-Top Box, all of which have the interactive “guide” feature. In the event a property selects a DVR Set-Top box, then the property and its resident shall be billed directly for the recurring monthly DVR service fee. The property and its resident shall be required to sign for responsibility of the set-top boxes provided, otherwise, BHN shall not be required to provide a set-top box to said property or resident and the property shall not then be exempt from the Bulk Services Fee. The HOA shall not be responsible or liable for the set-top boxes.
  • Bulk High-Speed Internet Service - High-speed internet access with wireless capability provided by BHN through Road Runner and/or, at BHN’s sole discretion, any other brand of high-speed internet access BHN may choose to offer. BHN shall use commercially reasonable efforts to provide internet access with minimum speeds of [100] Mbps for downloads and [10] Mbps for uploads.
  • Modem - Bulk High-Speed Internet Service shall be installed on one outlet with one modem (at no charge to the Customer or the property) and wireless capability per property.



The HOA expects,

  • you to ensure the safety and security of your home as well as your neighbours by being vigilant about suspicious behavior or persons in the neighbourhood.
  • you to install proper door/window locks on your home.
  • install a security system, if necessary.
  • ensure your guests, tenants, or yourselves keep all window blinds and curtains closed when you are not at home (what they cannot see, they will not want).


There are a number of security cameras throughout the community. Please do not rely on the community cameras to catch a suspect that may have broken into or attempted to break into your home. The security of your home is your responsibility as per Article IX, Section 28.


If you wish to personally obtain information (if available) from the security camera system there is a minimum $75 USD fee payable to the security company before they will retrieve the information. Your HOA assessments do not cover this fee and it will not be paid by the HOA. For your security, the HOA recommends that you install your own personal security cameras on your property.


Your Property

Did you know?

  • The HOA does not recommend contractors to homeowners for legal and liability reasons. The liability to the HOA is too great if something adverse happens between the contractor and the homeowner.
  • If you use the services of the contractors that are contracted by the HOA already (landscaper and pool services, etc), you do so at your own risk. The HOA does not warrant any work done by the HOA contractors that is not being done on behalf or the HOA or is not included in the contract the contractor has with the HOA.


Did you know?

  • The HOA does not own the plants, trees, bushes, grass, flowers, palms, etc. that are on your property. You pay the HOA, who contracts the landscaper, to maintain the landscaping. See above for what is covered in the landscaping contract.
  • If you wish to remove a tree from your property you must submit an ARB application and you must pay to remove the tree. This is not part of the maintenance fees you pay the HOA.
  • If you remove a tree from your property, the ARB may not allow you to plant a new one in it's place.
  • If your lawn dies due to non-watering or inefficient watering, you are responsible for replacing the sod. Seeding is not permitted in our community. You must use the same grass that is currently installed in our community (St. Augustine). It is recommended that you use the HOA landscaper, AactionScape, for your sod replacement.
  • Hurricane damage is the responsibility of the homeowner, not the HOA, not the landscaper. Hurricane damage is not covered by your HOA assessment. You are responsible for cleaning up any mess left on your property by a hurricane.


Did you know?

  • The HOA does not expect you to "clean" your roof tiles. If you choose to do so that is your choice and your responsibility. Please do not complain to the HOA if a contractor breaks/damages your roof or if you have a leak in your home.
  • The HOA/ARB may request that you paint the exterior of your home, especially if the home is not inkeeping with the look of the neighbourhood. Most homes need to be painted every 5-7 years. The HOA requires you to paint your home every 12 years at a minimum.
  • If you have visible dirt on the exterior of your home you will be requested by the HOA/ARB to have the dirt removed. Failure to do so is an HOA/ARB violation.
  • If you take your hand an wipe an exterior wall with it and it comes back with dust on it then your house needs to be painted as the water proofing of the stucco is being compromised.


Did you know?

The maintenance and repair of the driveway is a homeowner responsbility. The driveway is part of the homeowner property and does not belong to the HOA. It is not Common Property and therefore, is your responsibility to maintain and repair.


Did you know?

The easiest and most effective way to get grease/oil stains (an HOA violation) off your driveway is with oven cleaner. Spray the oven cleaner on the grease spot, wait about 30 minutes, spray the spot again, take a scrub brush and scrub the stain in all directions, rinse with HOT SOAPY water, then rinse with the hose. The grease will come right off!