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Architectural Review Board (ARB)

13Are you planning an exterior home improvement, painting the exterior of your home, expanding your driveway, wanting to plant or change the appearance of the exterior of your home or landscaping in any way?


We remind all home owners that Architectural Review Board (ARB) approval is required for ALL exterior changes, additions or removals.


Did you know...

Only the registered title owner/s may submit an ARB application to the ARB. Applications sumbitted by 3rd parties such as managers, or any other person, will not be accepted by the ARB. 


The Architectural Review Board is in place to ensure that all exterior changes to property are in keeping with the overall style of the community and to ensure the community remains aesthetically pleasing.


The Architectural Review Board requires 30 days to review and reply to an application. PLEASE do not wait until the last moment to apply. Complete an Architectural Review application form (see below) and submit it along with the required paperwork to the committee for approval. If you would like to discuss your plans prior to submission, need guidance or have any questions, please contact the ARB or the HOA.

Please note that ARB forms must be submitted by the HOME OWNER not a MANAGEMENT COMPANY.

Any form received that is not from the Home Owner will be denied.


The ARB contact is:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please email your completed ARB application to the email address above. Please allow 30 days to obtain approval for your request.


Click here to download the ARB application form


Please follow this process. Failure to do so may require you to remove the change and the change will be considered a violation.

An email with the completed application form must be sent to the ARB. An inspection will take place after the change is made to ensure the change meets the ARB requirment. You are responsible, as the home owner, to ensure you send the ARB application. Please do not make the ARB ask you for the required information after the fact.


Pool Privacy Screening - Must conform to the following requirements:

       Material            - Acrylic Panel or Privacy Screening (also known as Florida screen or Florida glass)

       Color                - Charcoal or Light Grey or White

       Positioning       - To replace the bottom mesh panels of the pool screen only

                                - Must be no higher than one screen panel (approx 3 feet) (no higher will be permitted)

Any variation to the above will not be approved by the